The Ragdoll is a firm, large breed with calm temperament. The males grow to be quite big, up to fifteen pounds and sometimes larger, while the females in general are much smaller.
Ragdoll is a splendid familycat and they also enjoy the company of other animals. They talk a lot but isn't as loud as for instance the siamese.
A ragdoll likes to be in the center and even if they can be left alone during the days they are happiest when they got company. The ragdoll will come to the door and welcome you when you get home (if he's not taking a nap just then) and they loves to be the first to say hello when you've got guests.
The Ragdoll is special in an other way to. They can be totally limp when you lift them up. That's why it's called "ragdoll". There are some rumours that the ragdoll doesn't feel pain - This is absolutely not true!!! They are just as sensitive to pain as any other animal (or human).