The ragdoll is a firm, large cat with a medium boned, muscular body. They come in three different varieties; colourpoint, mitted and bicolour and four different colors; seal (n), blue (a), choclate (b) and lilac (c).
Medium sized head with a broad modified wedge and a flat plane between the ears. The nose should have a slight curve in the upper third. Well developed cheeks, chin and nose. Medium-sized ears that are broad at the base and have rounded tips. The ears are wide set and tilt slightly forward.
The eyes are big, oval and allways blue.
The body is long, medium boned and muscular. The fullgrown cat should be as wide over the shoulders as it is in the hind quarters. Medium long legs - hind legs slightly higher than front. The paws are big and rounded with tufts between the toes. The tail must be long, well furnished and in proportion with the body. The Ragdoll developes slowly and it can take more than three years before it's reached full size and colour.
They have a dense, soft and silky coat. The coat lays with the body and brakes as the cat moves. In the face the coat is short and increases in lenght from the top of the head to the shoulders. It forms a nice bib around the face. Medium to long coat on the sides, abdomen and hind quarters.