Points ( ears, mask, legs och tail) must be well defined and in harmony with the body colour. Body colour is lighter than the point colour. Slight shadings of colour are allowed on the body and the stomach. Colour on the nose and pads must be analouge to the points.
Points (except paws and chin) and bodycolour as the colourpoint. White mittens on the front legs. Hind legs white up to the higher hock. White chin and preferebly a white stripe on the nose. There should also be a white stripe going from the bib, over the stomach, up to the base of the tail.
Points ( ears, mask och tail) to be well defined. The mask must have an inverted white V. The stomach must be white and without spots. Legs preferebly white. Body colour lighter than points. White spots on the back is allowed. Nose leather and paw pads are pink.