RAG a.                                                                    
My new female has arrived. She´s from my good friends Dorthe and Tony at Seierö´s in Denmark. She is after WW´03 DK*Seierö´s Jackie Chan, RAG a och S*Escarceo´s Red Wine for Seierö, RAG f 03. So it´s a grandchild of mine moving home.
Tiara has achived her Grand Int Champion title. Tiara is born 2005.
Scanned heart and kidneys without remarks

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RAG n03
Nickname: Lillan and she┤s born 2000. Lillan is a grand old lady that stays with my parents. She is medium in boning but increadably heavy with a nice type. Maybe a little narrow in muzzle. I like her expression a lot and that she passes it on to the lovely kittens she has given us. Thanks Christine for You trusting me with this cat. Lillan is now neutered and is playful as a kitten.
Scanned heart and kidneys without remarks
RAG n                                                                     
Nickname: Wipha and she┤s born 2004.                    Wipha is a lovely nature! Such a sweetheart, purrs when you just look at her, on the judging table or anywhere else she might be, even at the vet. She is 2 Ż years old and a mediumsized girl with good type and so blue eyes. Thanks Christine for this lovely girl.                                                              Scanned heart and kidneys without remarks
RAG a 03                                                        Nickname: Emmie and she┤s born 2006. This is a female I saved from the mating between EC S*Krickelins Jazz of Escareo & WW┤03 DK*Seier÷┤s Jackie Chan. Pictures will come when I have some of good enough quality.
Scanned heart and kidneys without remarks

RAG a                                                              Nickname: Disco and she┤s born 2007. Disco is a female I saved from the mating between WW┤05 GIC DK*Seier÷┤s Tiara os Escarceo┤s & EC S*Nobilitys Edition of Escarceo. More info & pictures will come.



SYS n 03                                                           Nickname: Fiffi and she┤s born 2007.