Me & WW'03 SW´03´04 EP San-T-Ree Gentle Touch, JW DSM nov-2003, WW-show Bella center, DK



Me and WW`05 IC DK*Seierö´s Tiara of Escarceo´s at the WW-show-05 In Biella, Italy
Proud Breeders Dorthe & Tony with me & Tiara in between.
Kittie siesta in Koh Lipeh, Thailand
Thirsty cat at Koh Kho Kao, Thailand
... did you stay to long in the bar last night little kittie???
                           Koh Lipeh, Thailand

Me & EP CH S*Ka-Ri-Na´s Fisherman Jagger DSM at SW show in Stockholm 2003